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Die Musik in unserem Leben

05 Сентября 2012, доклад

Verschiedene Laute, das Lied, die Melodien spielen in unserem Leben die große Rolle.
Erstens ohne Musik schwierig sich, die heutige Welt vorzustellen. Zweitens hilft die Musik uns, sich der Kunst anzuschließen, entwickelt unsere Geisteswelt. Natürlich, ich habe wegen nicht allen die Musik, und nur den kleinen Teil zum Beispiel die Klassische. Heute existiert die Musik verschiedener Stile. Jeder wählt die Richtung, den Stil.

Die Nordseeinsel

13 Декабря 2013, реферат

Sylt ist eine Nordseeinsel mit vielen Gesichtern. Sie liegt zwischen acht und zwanzig Kilometer vom Festland entfernt und hat etwa 21.500 Einwohner. Die Küsten sanft, mit den Dünen. Das Klima feucht, mit dem Vorherrschen der westlichen Winde. Die Jahresdurchschnittstemperatur daneben 10 °С. Die Flora der Insel Sylt ist geprägt von der ursprünglichen Kargheit des Landes. Bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts war Sylt eine fast baumlose Insel; erst durch gezielte Aufforstungen und Anpflanzungen entstanden kleinere Wald- und Buschgebiete.

Die Wirtschaftssphäre der Gesellschaft

28 Марта 2012, реферат

Die Wirtschaftssphäre der Gesellschaft. Die Struktur der Beziehungen des Eigentums in der modernen Wirtschaft die Wirtschaftssphäre der Gesellschaft — das System der Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, das entstehend und im Laufe der materiellen Produktion wiedergegeben wird. Eine Grundlage der Wirtschaftsbeziehungen und allerwesentlich vom Faktor, der ihre Besonderheit bestimmt, ist die Weise der Produktion und der Verteilung des materiellen Wohls in der Gesellschaft. Die Formen der Organisation der wirtschaftlichen Tätigkeit heißen von den Wirtschaftssystemen

Differences between British English and American English

10 Июня 2013, реферат

In the early part of the seventeenth century English settlers began to bring their language to America, and another series of changes began to take place. The settlers borrowed words from Indian languages for such strange trees as the hickory and persimmon, such unfamiliar animals as raccoons and woodchucks. Later they borrowed other words from settlers from other countries - for instance, chowder and prairie from the French, scow and sleigh from the Dutch.


21 Декабря 2010, доклад

Discrimination - different treatment of others based solely on their membership in a socially distinct group or category, such as race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, or disability. Discrimination can be viewed as favorable or unfavorable, depending on whether a person receives favors or opportunities, or is denied them. For example, a senior citizens’ discount shows favorable discrimination toward senior citizens. However, in modern usage, discrimination is usually considered unfavorable.

Disney’s Marvel acquisition: a strategic financial analysis

13 Декабря 2013, доклад

As you probably know, in August 31, 2009 Disney company announced its acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. From my point of view the main idea of this article is to check fairness and adequacy of price paid by Disney for Marvel. So, the instrument which the author used to check price is making a business valuation of Marvel company on the date of acquisition by himself.
First of all, the author remind us about three popular approaches used in pricing the acquisitions

Distinctive linguistic features of the major functional styles of English

12 Декабря 2014, реферат

A description of five major functional styles given in this section is based on their most distinctive features on each level of the language structure: phonetical (where possible), morphological, syntactical, lexical and compositional. A peculiar combination of these features and special emphasis on some of them creates the paradigm of what is called a scientific or publicist text, a legal or other official document, colloquial or formal speech.

Domestic tourism in Russia

04 Ноября 2012, курсовая работа

The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that every year more and more Russians are choosing resorts of Russia. The value of domestic tourism for Russia's economy is primarily associated with the advantages that it brings in successful development. First of all, this increase in jobs in hotels, restaurants and other food industry enterprises, transport and other service industries. Domestic tourism is also a positive effect on the growth of tax revenues to the state budget. In addition, tourism has an economic impact on local economy, stimulating the export of local products.

Domestic tourism in Russia

04 Ноября 2012, курсовая работа

The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that every year more and more Russians are choosing resorts of Russia. The value of domestic tourism for Russia's economy is primarily associated with the advantages that it brings in successful development. First of all, this increase in jobs in hotels, restaurants and other food industry enterprises, transport and other service industries. Domestic tourism is also a positive effect on the growth of tax revenues to the state budget. In addition, tourism has an economic impact on local economy, stimulating the export of local products.

Dorian Gray

11 Сентября 2013, практическая работа

Then an opportunity showed itself to Dorian. Basil had painted him and portrait of extraordinary beauty. Dorian wishes in himself that he could switch situations with the portrait, being able to remain always young and commit as many sins as he would want. Strangely this wish is granted, and Dorian is finally able to accomplish the one thing he had always wanted: pleasure, being moral or immoral. Many years later, when Dorian is in his mid-forties, a series of events triggers him to try and start a new life. He lives in constant fear, afraid of letting anyone see the picture which reveals his corrupted soul.

Dramaturgical analyses of Goffmans theory

30 Января 2013, лекция

The former is the concretely intended and conscious form of expression, as epitomized by verbal communications using language. The latter is the non-verbal, presumably unintentional, form of communication that is not concretely expressed in speech but nevertheless have efficacy in communicating, consciously or unconsciously, some things about the person expressing it. It is important to keep in mind that, while the former is always intentional, the latter does not necessarily have to be unintentional in turn and, in fact, people are capable of manipulating them as well, which is the subject of the next introductory distinction Goffman makes.

Dunyo okeanlaridan foydalanish muammolari

15 Января 2015, реферат

Markaziy Osiyo mintaqasi, xususan Movaraunnahrda islomgacha bo`lgan davrda ham turli dinlarning rivojlanishi va ularning jamiyat ma`naviy hayotida muhim ijobiy o`rin tutgan.

E-Government in Pakistan

20 Марта 2013, дипломная работа

e-Government is a key instrument for modernization and reform as governments face the
continuing pressure of increasing their performance and adapting to the pressure of the new
information society. (Morven McLean and Tawfik Jelassi, 2003)
The ability to improve citizens’ access to services has made e-Government an attractive
investment for government organisations, fuelling worldwide implementation of such
applications (Al-Kibsi et al., 2001, Sia and Neo, 1997, Chan and Pan, 2003)
Electronic government, or e-Government, is enabling government organisations to provide better
services to their constituents. Transactions such as filing taxes online, applying for jobs,
renewing driver’s licenses, and ordering recreational and occupational licenses can now be
conducted online, quickly and efficiently (West, 2002).

Eco Problems in My Home Town

14 Мая 2014, доклад

Almost every city has environmental problems. My city Agryz , here as in other cities, there are environmental problems.
These are: throwing litter on the grass and earth
pollution of rivers and lakes
felling of trees
and yet we do not have the item for recycling

Ecological Problems

05 Июня 2013, доклад

Scientists now predict that by the year 2050 the population will be doubled what is today. The fact remains that the rate of food production fell behind population growth in many of developing countries. The annual fish catch already exceeds what the world ‘s oceans can successfully sustain. If we go on using our natural recourses at today’s rates, we will have used up the intire reserves of cooper, natural gas and oil by the year 2054. But the problem ahead lie not so much in what we use but in what we waste. What faces us is not so much a recourse crisis as a pollution crisis. The only solution is to try to change the areas of consumption, technology and population. Changes in technology must be baked by slower population growth. And it can be achieved by education in health and women’s rights. And there is a little hope of reducing consumption over the next half century.

Ecology of Kazakhstan

28 Ноября 2013, реферат

In Kazakhstan, the development of the mining and processing industry in the past five years, the rate of growth of these industries grow. Built and put into operation of large industrial facilities, which leads to increased air pollution, to the deterioration of the environment in Kazakhstan as a whole. For many years in the country has accumulated more than twenty billion tons of waste, of which about a third are toxic. The bulk of this waste - the result of mining and ore processing industry, ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials production. Despite the fact that the big companies and the government to develop a plan to combat air pollution, the environment in Kazakhstan leaves much to be desired.

Economic aspects of Ecology Protection in Ukraine

09 Декабря 2013, курсовая работа

This project is entitled “Economic aspects of the environmental policy of Ukraine”. It is common knowledge that ecological policy is aimed at minimizing technogenic influence on the environment, employees’ safety and health protection.
The relevance of the chosen theme lies in the fact that in modern conditions, achieving a balance between economic development and the preservation of the environment is possible only « in the framework of the so-called «environmentally sustainable development». For this it is necessary to form a system of specific political, economic, legal and other measures, both at the national and international levels. To ensure the necessary conditions, and to harmonize the interests of private business and society can only state.

Economic development

01 Марта 2015, доклад

The term "economic development" is widely used by the ordinary public and the popular media. The concept, however, is not quite as well understood as its frequent use may suggest. First one must realize that the term "economic development" in one form or another keeps surfacing in the popular media. Instances of economic miracles (reflecting favorable effects of economic development) regularly make headlines. Japan was in ruins after World War II. Within 30 years, Japan emerged as an economic superpower and one of two main economic rivals of the United States (Germany being the other).

Economic of Empire of Alexander the Great

16 Октября 2013, реферат

Still very young Alexander distinguished himself as a brave warrior and a skilled ruler. He was only sixteen years old when Philip, going on a hike, asked him to manage the entire Macedonia. Son met the expectations of his father, he coped with the uprising of Thracian tribes and founded in taming the country a few cities, which he called Alexandroupoli (the city of Alexandria.)
In the battle of Chaeronea (338 BC), in which Philip defeated the combined forces of the Greeks and committed to the independence of the Greek states, Alexander commanded the left wing of the Macedonian army.

Economic Systems

17 Февраля 2013, реферат

There are many forms of economic order, ranging from the mixed private enterprise system to partially or completely controlled economies. Regardless of their form, however, economic system is the system that a society uses for allocation and distribution of scarce resources. Private enterprise means that decisions about what and how much to produce are left to the discretion of owners and managers. In controlled economies such decisions are the responsibility of some governmental agency. There is, of course, no economy today that is completely free of governmental influence, nor is this condition necessarily undesirable. There are many beneficial services and protections available from government.

Economics: The Study Of Scarcity And Choice

17 Сентября 2013, реферат

One of the things that young people discover as they grow older is that you can't have everything. You are reminded of it every time you shop. Although you may see twenty or thirty items that you would really like to buy, you know that you will have to limit your selection to one or two. Everyone goes through life having to make choices.
Every business, even sports teams, must pick and choose from among the things they would like to have because, like you and me, they cannot have everything.
Governments, too, cannot have everything. Every year the most important political debates concern questions about spending taxpayers' money.

Economy - overview

08 Апреля 2013, реферат

Since the late 1970s China has moved from a closed, centrally planned system to a more market-oriented one that plays a major global role - in 2010 China became the world's largest exporter. Reforms began with the phasing out of collectivized agriculture, and expanded to include the gradual liberalization of prices, fiscal decentralization, increased autonomy for state enterprises, creation of a diversified banking system, development of stock markets, rapid growth of the private sector, and opening to foreign trade and investment

Economy of Russia in 2015

29 Марта 2015, статья

What will happen with the Russian economy in 2015? Today this question is on agenda. The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has revised its growth forecast of the Russian economy in 2015. The Russian economy will face serious changes. Deterioration in the forecast is related to the sanctions because of the events in Ukraine and geopolitical tensions.
Overall, the new picture of development of the country in the next year corresponds to a recent estimate made by the head of the Minister of Economic Development-Alexei Ulyukayev. He said that Russia is balancing between stagnation and recession.


24 Ноября 2012, реферат

In this section you will hear and take notes on a two-part lecture given by Dr. Mary Frosch, a teacher and advisor at an all girls’ school. The title of the lecture is The Benefits of Single-Sex Education for Girls. Dr. Frosch will explain why girls seem to learn better when boys are not around.

Education in Australia

12 Ноября 2013, доклад

This is why several foreign companies recruit directly from Australian universities and vocational institutes. Many international organizations and companies employ overseas students with Australian qualifications because their exposure to the outside world gives them greater independence and maturity. With international trade barriers disappearing, great opportunities exist for those with the skills, experience and knowledge to seize them.

Education in Great Britain

29 Января 2013, реферат

The British education system has much in common with that in Europe,
that :
Full-time education is compulsory for all children in the middle teenage years. Parents are required by law to see that their children receive full-time education, at school or elsewhere, between the ages of 5 and 16 in England, Scotland and Wales 4 and 16 in Northern Ireland.
The academic year begins at the end of summer.

Education in Great Britain

05 Сентября 2013, реферат

English children must go to school when they are five. First they go to infant schools where they learn the first steps in reading, writing and using numbers. Children are divided into two groups according to their mental abilities.
When children leave infant school, at the age of seven, they go to junior schools until they are about eleven years old. When pupils come to the junior school for the first time, they are divided into three «streams» - A, B and C – on the basis of their infant-school marks or sometimes after a special test. The brightest children go to the A-stream and the weakest – to the C-stream. The school year normally begins in early September and continues into the following July. The year is divided into three terms of about 13 weeks each.

Education in Great Britain

24 Октября 2013, доклад

Great Britain has three administrative systems of public education - one for England and Wales, one for Northern Ireland and one for Scotland. The three systems differ mainly in terms of the administration of charges, but the organisation of the education system is similar.
Education in Great Britain is compulsory and free for all children between the ages of five and 16. At the age of 16 about two thirds of pupils leave school and start working, with around 30 percent staying at school until the age of 18. There are around 30,000 state schools and 2,000 private schools, with about 93 percent of all children attending state schools and the rest studying at private schools.

Education In Kyrgyzstan

14 Мая 2013, лекция

When Kyrgyzstan became absorbed into the Russian empire at the end of the nineteenth century, a number of secular schools appeared – so called “native schools”. Although they were called “native” schools, this term referred simply to the local population and so they brought together pupils from many different cultures represented in the local population: Kyrgyz, Dungans, Tartars, and Uzbeks, as well as other nationalities. They brought to their pupils a knowledge of both the Russian language and of Russian culture, and by 1914 were found throughout the territory now known as Kyrgyzstan, (in Alexandrovka, At Bashi, Ketmen Tebe, Naryn, Osh, Pishpek (Bishkek), Pokrovka, Prezhervalsk (Karakol), Sazonovka, Sokuluk, Talas, Tokmak and Tynaevka).

Education in Russia

09 Декабря 2013, сочинение

Citizens of Russia have the right for education which is guaranteed by the Constitution. The public educational system in our country incorporates pre-school, general school, specialized secondary and higher education.
Pre-school consists of kindergartens and creches. Children there learn reading, writing and arithmetic. But pre-school education isn't compulsory - children can get it at home.