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In the conditions of economy reforming of Republic Kazakhstan, radical reorganization of its credit-bank system and monetary and credit policy perfection the requirement for consideration of various questions devoted to a money turnover and money circulation in Republic Kazakhstan is felt. The special importance of such problematic and an urgency of the chosen theme is caused by increase of a role of Banks in Republics Kazakhstan in realization of monetary and credit regulation of economy, occurrence and development of new credit system links - commercial banks and not bank financial institutions. In the countries of the Western Europe and the USA this process already has wide development for a long time, non-cash money circulation prevails there.

Содержание работы

1. The economic maintenance of a cash-monetary turnover and its organization
1.1 Concept and structure of a money turnover
1.2 Organization of a cash-monetary turnover
1.3 Foreign experience
2. The analysis of a current state of the money turnover organization and money circulation in Republic Kazakhstan
2.1 Cash circulation and non-cash circulation
2.2 Electronic instruments of payment
2.3 Normative-legal maintenance



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